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"Change is simple when we understand why, & know how."

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Camilla Watson - Principal and Founder

CORLIGHT™ Programmes

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How Can I Help?

I offer a range of change and sdolution-focused therapeutic strategies including counselling, life coaching, stress management, and information events for individuals, couples, and the corporate sector. 

We're often not upset, angry, stressed or depressed for the reason we think we are so by identifying where our stresses are coming from, what is really holding us back or making us miserable, we can quickly create change. By taking the time to look at the core of our beliefs, thoughts and behaviours we can uncover the underlying cause of our challenges. Removing blockages within our thought patterns releases our instinct, our creativity, our energy, and our passion, allowing us to move forward with joy and ease.  

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Great change can occur with even just one session so call now for a no-obligation chat about the best strategy for YOU.

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About Camilla

My journey to wisdom began in earnest twenty five years ago when I began a regular meditation technique for managing stress, and I continue to grow and learn. With a background as a business analyst and corporate trainer, and now as a life-coach and counsellor I have twenty years experience specialising in stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, and mind body therapies. As a professional speaker I regularly speak to conference groups and fund-raisers and have received several awards for Outstanding Adult Educator for my courses. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. 

But actually - all you really need to know about me is that currently I am 'putting into practice' my stress management strategies as I wrangle my website which is just REFUSING to behave. Obviously a work in progress....

Member IICT, NZLCA, MindBody Trust, NZ Assn Positive Psychology

Testimonials - See how Camilla can work with you to create change...

"Understanding the real cause of my anxiety has changed my life and I left the first session a new person. Now I am on a true path of healing." Joan.

"In all my years of attending workshops and seminars all over the world, I found the seminar "Understanding Stress" delivered by Camilla to be among the very best. Not only did I learn some very useful and practical strategies which I can put into action right away, I was also impressed by Camilla's presentation style which I found honest, engaging, and refreshing. Camilla is an expert in her field." Dr David Keane.

"Dieting had never worked for me long term but when Camilla explained the emotional patterns behind my eating it all made sense. Now instead of using food as my medication I am dealing with emotional issues in other ways and finally have a body I am happy with." Mary.

"Thank you so much for helping me work through the physical and emotional issues that were holding us back from conceiving. I sit here with our beautiful baby in my arms and life is good." A.    More...

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